TracxTMS was built out of the necessity of local trucking companies needing something better. After searching for a straight forward transportation management platform on the market, it was apparent that there was no “One Fits All” solution that could provide the functionality and value that different organizations require.
With our robust and straight forward Premier platform, TracxTMS is able to meet the needs of the companies that need something straight forward and value simplicity.


Tracx is committed to offering products and services that precisely match our customers’ specifications and by delivering exceptional services in the process.
We exist to serve our customers who are always our number one priority. Furthermore, our continued business depends on providing quality products and services to our customers.
We are fully aware that employee involvement is vital to producing reliable and high-performing products and services. It is imperative to keep in mind that every product and service we sell is essentially the company’s business card, a card which bears all our names. Your awareness of this reality is also our guarantee of future sales.
The respect that Tracx has earned in the marketplace is due to our team, a team which takes pride in its achievements and in which the company places its ongoing trust for a prosperous future.


Our mission is to develop and deliver the best reliable software solutions to help our clients improve their efficiencies and to grow their business in a cost-effective way.



Technology is the core of our business and we continually strive to excel in all areas of our products and services.


Passion is at the heart of our company and we want to continually move forward, innovate and seek to improve.

Work Team

Our development is based on our employees’ involvement and collaboration. We establish structures that encourage dialogue as a way of implementing best practices.

Respect & Identity

Our goal is to preserve a climate that is conducive to workplace well-being. It is vital that we treat our colleagues and customers with respect, fairness, honesty and ethically.


To remain competitive, we strive to encourage new ideas by maintaining an ongoing improvement process. We believe in human potential and in the constant improvement of our processes.

Our Experience

At Tracx Systems, we are technical software experts. We leverage industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to provide a modern, clean solution to every problem

Our Consultative Approach

No companies are exactly the same and we embrace that. We listen to each of our customers to understand where the problems are and then provide a custom resolution.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Long-term relationships are what we strive for. Our top-tier support provides fast solutions and we are always enhancing our systems to keep your business one step ahead.

Our Ability to Adapt

The purpose of TracxTMS is to provide a solution that suits you. Our Enterprise Subscriptions allows us to build-to-suit features and functionalities that make sense to you.

We focus on reliable support and quick turnaround time

Our in-house development team allows for instant communication and resolutions that do not keep you waiting.

We limit our downtime to 0.01%

You never need to worry about being out of the loop or missing a load, our platform is secure and monitored 24/7.

We are friendly and happy to help

When you have a problem you will be in direct contact with a real person who can troubleshoot and escalate when required.

We keep you up to date

TracxTMS technology keeps your dispatch processes cutting edge by monitoring and incorporating the newest processes available.

We value your input

If there is a feature or functionality that can help your business succeed, let us know and we can build it.

How do I choose which plan is for me?

If you are a small fleet or have limited requirements, the Premier Subscription is for you.
If you are a larger fleet or have unique requirements the Enterprise Subscription is a better fit.
Unsure? Send us an email or give us a call (844) 838-7229 and our Sales team is happy to assist.

Do you offer special deals or discounts?

If your team is ready for a long term solution, we offer yearly discounts on our monthly subscription.
We also offer special pricing with our Enterprise subscription – give us a call at (844) 838-7229 and we would love to help you discover which plan is right for you!

What about LTL?

TracxTMS has developed a brand new LTL feature that will allow dispatchers to combine multiple shipments into one trip incredibly easily to ensure that there is full visibility without sacrificing functionality. Give us a call for a demo!

Do you offer training?

We are a relationship-based company and are happy to offer web-based training packages as well as on site-training options are also available upon request. We can also assist with data import options and accounting consultation.

What kind of commitment am I expected to make?

None at all! We fully understand that needs change.
If you aren’t ready to commit, our month-to-month subscription option involves no risk and still provides a full-featured dispatching and load management platform.

Do you provide EDI or API Integrations?

Yes! Our Enterprise Subscription allows for multiple API and EDI integrations with virtually any industry partners or providers.

What accounting software can I use?

TracxTMS’s most popular integration is with QuickBooks Online. We are able to integrate with locally based solutions as well such as Sage, QuickBooks Desktop, Netsuite and also internal ERP systems.
If you need help with your accounting, we offer accounting consultation packages as well.

Can I access my account from anywhere?

Yes, TracxTMS is 100% cloud based so that you will never be out of the loop and can access your information and dispatch loads from any laptop, desktop or tablet.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you will be responsible for organizing and overseeing completion of custom software projects for Tracx Systems.

Software Support Specialist

As a software support specialist, you will assist with support requests and training of our users.