Tracx TMS is the future of cloud-based
trucking & dispatch software.

Efficient Dispatching Workflow

Tracx TMS lets you quickly see the loads you have available and drag-n-drop to assign them to your drivers. 

From there, you can easily see and edit the details of the load and track its progress on the map. 

Contact info is right there too, so you can quickly call or email your drivers.

Easily mark the load completed and it disappears from your dispatch view. 

Driver SMS Text Message Alerts & Emails


Quickly and easily setup your drivers to receive an automatic text message with load details whenever you dispatch a load.

This is intended so that your drivers have quick access to their next stop. In addition, easily send additional texts or emails to the driver and/or co-driver.

Available GPS Integration


Prevent equipment losses, and easily track your drivers, with our available GPS integration.

Each of your trucks that have GPS units installed will show on the dispatching map, with an updated position every couple minutes. 

If you already have GPS units and service, we can likely integrate your service into ours. If not, we can help with new GPS units and service through our preferred service providers.