Tracx TMS lets you quickly create invoices and settlements, and send them to QuickBooks with one click.

Your back office will thank you. 


Tracx TMS provides single or batch load invoicing.

Accessorials & fuel surcharges are included automatically.

HTML or PDF downloads are just a click away.

Driver Settlements

The Settlements module in Tracx TMS is built for speed and flexibility.  Process load settlements individually or grouped per driver. 

Driver deductions can be set up to automatically deduct off each pay stub, and the amounts are customizable each time as well. 

When loads are settled, driver portions of other charges & reimbursements are automatically included as well.

Other Charges & Reimbursements


Tracx TMS lets you specify any type of other charge, decide how much (if any) gets billed to the customer, and how much (if any) will be paid to the trucker. In addition, you can create reimbursements to drivers for costs incurred

This gives you the flexibility to include fuel surcharges, customs fees, handling charges, tolls, and the like.

These other charges & reimbursements are automatically included when loads are billed to the customer and paid to the driver.

QuickBooks Integration

Tracx TMS integrates with QuickBooks Online. Send invoices and settlements to QuickBooks easily - and avoid time-consuming and error-prone double entry.

You can link your drivers and customers from Tracx to your existing QuickBooks customers. In addition, you can specify the QuickBooks billing items and accounts for invoicing and driver payments.

Intuit QuickBooks Online integrates tightly into Tracx TMS.

IFTA Mileage Tracking


Tracx TMS has an easy IFTA mileage tracking system.

Simply input your odometer readings or total mileage per truck and state/province, on whatever interval you choose. 

When its time for quarterly IFTA filing, just filter down the IFTA log and record the generated totals on your IFTA report.