Quick & Easy Load Entry

Tracx TMS lets you easily manage and view your truckloads.

Here's how. 

Full Featured

The Tracx TMS Loads screen lets you see all your loads at a glance. Quickly filter and sort to find what you need, add or edit loads, download BOL or Order Confirmation documents. 

Adding and editing loads is a breeze - and won't take you off the page. You can also export the list of loads, or email documents to the customer, broker, or trucker.

If this load crosses the US/Canadian border, you can easily view ACE and ACI information, and quickly send the required documents to the border agencies using BorderConnect integration.

If you have many similar loads as part of a contract, you'll appreciate the load clone feature, which lets you copy similar loads quickly.

Detail Oriented

All the details of each load are available on the same page - no waiting around for another page to load.

Start and end locations, load contents details, billing & payment information - it's all there.  

You can also quickly access a map of the load route, and notes from the driver.


You can add unlimited custom fields to track whatever type of data you want. This is one of our most powerful, and most unique features - and it means that TracxTMS can be customized to fit your business and information workflow needs.

You can also add your own load statuses - and customize what colors each status shows up as on your loads screen. Using our load status category groupings, you can customize the system without disturbing the flow of data.

In addition, you can change which fields show on the grid.


Tracx TMS has a fully-integrated quoting system. Quotes are entered just as easily as loads.

Create a load as a quote first, and when the sale is confirmed, just one click converts it to a pending load. In addition, a copy of the quote is saved for historical reference, and so you can easily clone it for a new quote.